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Public Speaking

I love to speak to people whether it's about filmmaking, directing, writing, producing, breaking into the Hollywood film industry, starting a film studio, motivation, inspiration, spirituality, or even preaching. I have had the privilege of speaking in front of large groups all over the world. I would be honored to speak in front of any group anywhere.

Mentoring & Apprenticeship

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Not everyone can afford a film school degree, nor do they have the time to invest years of their life into a classroom experience. It's a passion of mine to help others achieve their dreams. Whenever I have the availability, I like to take on a few driven individuals who want to become directors or simply work in Hollywood.

Script Doctor

Won Best Screenplay at Hollywood Awards

Do you need some professional help with your script? Maybe you are on your first draft or maybe you are close to a shooting locked screenplay. Whether it is a screenplay you are adapting into a film or planning on selling in Hollywood - I can help. I have written numerous feature and short film screenplays.